Dragon Ball Z Characters

ok i will add, ALOT, more later, but for now this will do XD

 Super Saiyan vegeta, vegetas hair is normaly black. Race: Saiyan. Evil hearted, changes some watt. Marries Bulma. Has 2 kids, Trunks and Bra.

 Trunks. Race: Saiyan. Vegetas son. Trunks is kind hearted, most of the time. He isnt as strong as Gohan or Goten.

 Bra. Race: Saiyan. Bra takes up after her mom. Bratty, loves shopping, bossy, always worried about looks, and never has a intrest to fight.

 Bulma. Race: Human. Bulma marries Vegeta and has two kids, Trunks and Bra. Bulma is snotty, bossy, a brat, aggresive, flirty, loves shopping and is a drama queen. personaly, i hate her.

 Goku. Main Charactor. Race: Saiyan. Not evil hearted. Marries Chi-Chi. Has 2 kids, Gohan and Gotens

 Adult Gohan.  Older Gohan. Race: Saiyan. Dad is Goku. Gohan grows a special friendship with the once evil hearted Piccolo.

 Kid Gohan, Young Gohan. Race: Saiyan. Dad is Goku. Gohan grows a special friendship with the once evil hearted Piccolo.

 Gotens. Race: Saiyan. Gotens is gokus secounds son.

  Krillin. Race: Human. Krillin is not very strong, but he gives it his all. Krillin, Goku and Yamcha all bear the same turtle mark ( thing is white cyrcle on ornge jumpsuit). Goku and Krillin meet and Master Roshis, they have been best friends ever sence. Krillin marries Android 18. They have a kid, Maron, a girl.

 Android 18. Race: human. Android 18, or 18 as i like to say, is one of 2 androids to be human, 1 of 2 to not be a robot infact. she marries krillin and has a kid, Maron, a girl.

 Maron. Race: Human. I dont know much about her, mom is 18, dad krillin.

 Yamcha. Race Human. Yamcha dates bulma, but they slowly spread apart and become friends. Yamcha always has a kat thing with him named puar.

 Puar. Race: unknown. Yamchas best friend.

 Tien. Race: Human. He is gokus friends, along with yamcha. Tiens best friend is chiaotzu.

 Chiaotzu. Race: unknown. he is tiens best friend, tien is his best friend.

 Roshi. Race: human. Roshi is known the turtle hermant. he is very perverted. he was goku and krillins first teacher.

 Piccolo. Race: Namekian. Piccolo rarley smiles, this is the only picture i likes out of 500. Piccolo was King piccolos son. Both piccolo and king piccolo there whole life tried to take down goku, both failing. then Raditz came to earthm goku and piccolo where forced in a uneasy alliance. Piccolo trained gohan, and formed a bond with him. Piccolo gave his life to save gohan. piccolo is wished to namek to help defeat frizea, failing. Piccolo was evil, then he slowly changed and became friends with goku and everyone.


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