My Goku drawing.

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My Poem. Note I made this, well the first paragraph was in my dream, the rest i made up.

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Today is both of myth and legand.

A myth in witch Hope was destroyed, Love has escaped, Most beloved treasures where lost, and Darkness covered the world.

But also a Legend in witch Hope was found in the smallest of seeds, Love could be seen in eachother, Our most beloved treasures could be found right around the corner, and Light could be seen everywhere, even in the darkest shadows.

Life is both of myth and Legend.

Today will pass, and tomarrow will spring forward new hope, new love, new beloved treasures, and new light.

Dont forget about the Past, but also, dont forget about the Future.

I Hade A Dream!!!!

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Ok so this dream was alittle on the awsome side. It ended in a heart breaking scene =( . I wont go into dea tails but it hade a poem in it, i will post what it is.

New Stuff!!!

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I added alot of pictures into the Picutre page, and i made a Dragon Ball Z character list, i didnt add alot of people, but i only hade 4 hours to do all that, so will add more tomarrow!!!

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Hey, trying to figure out this whole site thing, I need my nerd friend to help!